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After yesterday’s news on my brand being soon available in France, here comes the next exciting news. Tauer goes south. Actually, this is true in a very literal sense. I will be in Madrid, end November, presenting my brand to folks from the press, as my products will very soon be available at Le Secret du Marais in Madrid. I ship the first parcel down there end next week. I am very optimistic that my brand will feel very much at home there. And I have a good excuse to travel to Madrid.  So this is a good news.

On an other note, concerning yesterday’s post on the “SCENTED CARDS”: Actually, I did not outline enough that these cards are quite high tech, and quite hand work. The paper is sort of soaked with the scent but in a way that does not destroy the paper’s structure and any embossing. We will go for the luxury top end version and will also use some embossing on the card. The “IMMERSIVE SCULPTURES” claim of the brand will be embossed. Unfortunately, to start with , we cannot make these cards available to the whole world… money wise, this would not make sense. I consider it an experiment and then we see.

Ah, yes: The card will be scented with CARILLON POUR UN ANGE, and if you wonder what others think about it, you might want to read Kevin’s review, over there on NowSmellThis. Do not miss the comments: EMERGENCY SCRUBBER SURVIVAL KIT  might come in handy.

And finally, another tauer centric picture goes with this post: It shows you the folded paper inlay for the HOMAGE flacons in the pentagonal metal box in dim light. As soon as we will have used up the first round of boxes, we will switch the inlay for the entirely tauer line to this folded design. The second version of the fold paper is being produced now; it should be a touch easer to fold… and the second production round of boxes is on their way and sometimes the W.-factor and me worry about where to fit these cubic meters.

I guess this is enough for one post now. Except maybe this last little note: Today, I will melt some Benzoin (Benzoe Sumatra resinoid) for some experiments on the side. I love, love, love this….