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PHI, making samples, and a question

It is PHI time, in the house of tauer. PHI, une rose de Kandahar, a scent scheduled for November, to appear in the COLLECTIBLES line, with samples and product ready for pre-ordering in  a few days from now, is sort of limited in numbers for a while as I did only a limited batch. I […]

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In Switzerland, Terroir Perfumes glowing soon

If you happen to speak German, or trust Google’s translator, here’s a link for you. Ah, yes, you need facebook, too.  (In a week or so, however, the website of RichardLüscherBritos will be updated with my German text, too.) There (click here) , I talk about the beginning of a collaboration that is unique, for me, and that resulted […]

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Ingrid. in three weeks, she will make a first public appearance

In three weeks from now, hard to believe, I will be in Los Angeles, together with Brian Pera, attending the official launch get together at the Scentbar for Ingrid. Ingrid will thus make her first public appearance at the occasion of the “vintage perfume party” at Luckyscent’s scentbar. I feel that this is indeed the […]

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when voices disappear

Yesterday, right before going to bed, I sent another flyer order out: for PHI- une rose de Kandahar. I picked the sketch that I did a few weeks ago of the flacon of PHI, and sent 10×15 cm postcard flyers, white background, 350 gr/m2, single side coated, demi gloss, out to the printing company. Today’s […]

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into a new week, juggling news and novelties

This week will be exciting and busy, like last week. I am moving forward with novelties that will make their appearances here, soon. This week will see me  producing a lot of samples; stocking up for existing fragrances, and for Phi, une rose de Kandahar. I will need them by early November, as I plan […]

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tuberose blooming after a short summer

It was a late spring this year, in Zurich, followed by a late starting summer. And my tuberose bulbs that I planted in May did not really grow well during June. It was end July and August when the plants started to thrive and grow. A week ago, coming home from Russia, I decided that […]

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when things make a difference

Today, I wanted to talk about the apricot in the upcoming PHI-une rose de Kandahar. But first things first: Here is an interview that I gave to Elena from Perfumeshrine, about marketing in perfumery, splits and decants, stories in niche perfumery and more. I found it important to speak out, be frank, and add to […]

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getting out of routine, watching the sky

When in Russia, I had the chance to get out of the factory routine, and the daily business of facebook and messages and formula and stocking up and writing down things that need to get done. Refreshing! The next week of getting out of routine will be in a month from now: I will be […]

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golden ratio

After yesterdays very open post on pricing and blingbling in industry and more: Here’s a post on the upcoming PHI-une rose de Kandahar. But first, you might want to quickly check this post on Elena’s perfumeshrine blog, that deals with similar questions raised yesterday. I invite you to also read some of the comments. Highly […]

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unfinished business

Today, I managed to squeeze in 15 minutes sketching time, before turning on the electronic magic machine with its window to the world, and after drinking the first cup of coffee, with a bunch of roses in front of me. It is sort of unfinished, but fits today’s post perfectly, and hence you find it […]