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we are starting shipping Lonesome Rider

Today’s picture could be me (isn’t me, though): Sleeping man. A quick pencil sketch that I did somewhen the last two days. It was pretty rough, getting ready to ship Lonesome Rider, getting orders out and last minute stuff, because…. well… because I go to Paris over the weekend. A more or less private mission. […]

marketing and branding

free samples with full bottle purchase

Some of you might have seen it already: I added a free sample with full bottle purchase(s) option on my tauerperfumes.com shop. I offer 5 samples with the purchase of one or several bottles. In order to provide flexibility I decided to let the choice of samples to the shopper. How to get the samples: […]

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smelling experimental stuff

The last few days were somewhat factory driven. And there was no time to paint or play. But I always took some experimental, new, exciting trials with  me and while labelling or packaging or answering emails I was smelling what I came up with over the last few weeks. Some tauerville, some Tauer Perfumes. Some […]


a really great fragrantica review

For a couple of reason I have to switch in full gas mode right now. While I am doing so: Here’s a fantastic review of Lonesome Rider on Fragrantica, by John Biebel. Enjoy! Samples of Lonesome Rider are available (you set the price, shipment is 4$) on lonesomerider.website

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the right side

The last couple of days were busy, with lots of emails and pre-orders coming in for samples (and bottles) of the Lonesome Rider, which is super cool. When busy, with orders and communication that is related to orders, I often end up on the “scent bench” and the formula excel, playing with molecules and extracts, […]

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countdown for Lonesome Rider special pre-sales offer started

I started the countdown for my Lonesome Rider full bottle special offer: Feb. 15 I will end it and we will go back to some sort of normal state of works. Shipment of these will start end Feb. Uff. (US, CH and DE/FR shipment of full bottles only) Somewhen between now and then, I have […]

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experimental work in the flow

Today’s picture is an experimental work from 10 days ago. Mixed media (ink, watercolor, acrylic) on cardboard, about 1m diameter, thus pretty large. For this painting, I just let things happen and flow and I followed the flow, or the ideas that came up. In the end I called it “the annunciation”.  A bit pompous, […]

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Lonesome Rider

I just shared a little news today on Facebook and share it here with you, too. Lonesome Rider is up and running for presales on lonesomerider.website  (US and Switzerland for the time being) There, and only there, you can get samples and full bottles of Lonesome Rider. And there, and only there, you can get […]