Gardenia Sotto la luna

making of

leaving things out

Today’s picture: an “idealized” landscape, for once not in watercolor, but in oil. I painted it over the weekend on a medium sized canvas, from memory, following a watercolor sketch. Here’s the watercolor sketch: This one is even smaller, a sketch, about A5, allowing to see what the original picture was all about. The original was a horrible […]


before I leave: Now Smell This read for you

Before I will leave for Turin, leaving stormy Zurich, for hopefully sunny Turin, I have a read for you. Not too long, but interesting and nice, at it puts things into the right context: Please visit Robin’s Now Smell This blog (click here) and follow her thoughts on Gardenia sotto la luna. And feel free […]

what's up?

talking with hands

Greetings from Zurich! Back from Florence. Uff. A pile of work is waiting here and hence, this post is a micro post. Just that much: We are all very happy here. Gardenia sotto la luna found its fans. I talked a lot. I got a little TV feature in the Italian TV. Here’s the link…. […]

marketing and branding

room for new stuff

Today’s picture shows you an ad in front of the local apothecary, that sells perfumes and other stuff, saying “We need room for new stuff: Scents 50% off!”. Quite honest and typical for the situation these days. The (niche) perfume market is marked these days by an abundance of products and a consumer in retreat. […]

what's up?

letting go for a moment

Here, I am almost ready for the summer break. A few last day emergencies need my attention, as always, and then we are ready to hit the road, with the bike, for a round trip bringing us back home in about 2 weeks. That’s the plan. The house is in order, a housekeeper moving in, […]

what's up?

liquid poesy and pinterest

Today’s picture shows you what I did in the factory, yesterday: Samples, Orange Star samples in this particular case, filling vials and putting the labels on for the various references by the hundreds. Again, I am building up stock, at least a bit, like a squirrel in autumn collecting nuts and storing them for winter, […]