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a cliché post

Today’s picture: A quick selfie, from yesterday, taken during my Sunday hike, somewhere in the middle of the ascension (total 1000 meters up and down again), sort of agitated, or better: second excited state (for details about what an excited state in physics actually means: click here for an informative wiki article), not knowing yet […]

marketing and branding

Wood and Jeans

I will soon hit the road for Austria; culture on the horizon! And tomorrow, I take a day off, switching the Saturday with the Friday, for a hike. While doing so, and sweating under a late summer sun, I will continue thinking perfume. Hiking is always very inspiring. I can play with notes and amounts […]

making ofTableau de Parfums

fragrant droplets in a bottle in a box

This is sort of an off-tauer post, on walking up and down and arriving. The picture shows you a peak of unknown name, next to Safierberg, where we passed from one valley to the other last week (passing over Safierberg at 2500 meters above sea level). The walk up there was nice, but of course […]

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Believe it or not: I am taking one day off tomorrow. It is just too nice, with the sun shining bright and from a cloudless sky, and temperatures during the day getting really lovely. And as I am sort of tired of answering mails and want to think a few bottle questions through, I figure […]

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white wonderful wintertime

Yesterday, Sunday, we worked like horses; the horses that used to carry the beer wagons. We did so because it was all grey and ugly. But today we took a day off to compensate and headed for WWW like white wonderful wintertime, up there in the mountains. It is always amazing again: Two hours in […]

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scent lego

Back from a great hiking trip with the lungs filled with fresh air, and the brain with ideas and visions: A lovely weekend to you! While hiking for a few hours under an amazing sky and in temperatures that are far too high for November, I was thinking and imagining and playing with roses. When […]

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serious hiking ahead

Hurray! We shipped what we needed to ship this week and the last boxes are out of the house and out of the way. It felt like a maze the last few days, boxes piled up everywhere and flacons and paper and…cozy factor=zero. I will do some clean up, minimal though, because we (W.-factor and […]

Give aways and goodies

We have 10 winners

I just returned from a fabulous hike up there in the mountains, where it is cooler than the 35 or so we had down here in Zurich. And first thing back home: I picked the happy winners of the draw from the 5 year perfumery blogging anniversary. Here they are: Winners of a perfume, full […]