Lonestar Memories

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rainy cowboy land

Over the weekend, I took a quick time out, hiking in Swiss mountain wonderland. Wonderful! The colors of the season and the scent of the leaves on the hiking path and the green meadows and and and were amazing. These days, Switzerland is very beautiful, even when it rains (like it does today). It is […]

creating scents

one stroke, all gone

Today’s picture shows you a failure, actually. A quick sketch, that I destroyed with a few brush marks. Having done a quick experimental sketch of a cowboy head, I added the background, too early, as the cowboy color was not dry, yet, and with the wrong color and everything fell apart. A couple of things […]

Give aways and goodies

Lonestar Memories draw while we are waiting

NOONTIDE petal, my new bright airy floral,  is around the block, and the first samples will ship in about 2 weeks, but we are still waiting for the last papers from printer. Thus, while we are waiting for NOONTIDE petals: here’s a little DRAW for a fragrance that is quite different: LONESTAR MEMORIES.  “The scent […]

making of

lonestar mixing day

It’s Lonestar Memories mixing day! Mixing day means: I first have to sit together with my PC, creating a new sheet for a new lot of the scent, and checking in another sheet whether I have all that I need. Then I need to put all the raw materials together, getting them from the fridge(s) […]

making of


Today is mixing day: Lonestar Memories. Right now: Pouring Ambreine, from my 5 liter aluminum can, a sticky, brown delight. Today’s picture shows you a drop or two sitting on top of the aluminum can with its wide opening. I got it from France, from Biolandes, and it is cistus ladaniferus heaven for me. Another […]

making ofscents

time for a new batch

It is time for mixing a new batch of Lonestar Memories. Actually, it is more than time. I mentioned it a while ago that I shifted my stocking rhythm slightly towards a touch lower stock of everything. The reason: Cash flow, and instead of having money sitting on the shelves in the form of fragrance, […]

making of

lonestar memories

The other day I was in New York and talked to a few perfume lovers there. And as I learned that a lot of perfume lovers actually do not know what Lonestar means and that many lovers of my scents do not know how they are produced: There we go with a little repetition course […]

what's up?

tell them what handmade really means

Today’s picture shows you where I will be in 20 minutes: the room where I pour and label and pack all that goes of to world from tauerville. Towards the window, you see a row of 200 air du désert marocain, filled, waiting to be polished and labeled. Towards the camera is the dispenser that […]

marketing and brandingwhat's up?

fetish and trends

From time to time I work with PR professionals; our circles cross and I get to know the world of fashion and perfume from a insider’s perspective. Quite interesting as I usually take perfumes from an other side.  Thus, I was told the other day that FETISH is going to be a BIG trend in […]



“There seems to be more magazines about gardening then there are folks actually working in a garden”, the W.-factor wondered this summer when we were both  staring at the display of a newspaper kiosk, while waiting for a train to bring us home to town from a Swiss village. “It is about sublimation”, I replied. […]