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day 13 of the advent calendar- an explorer set

This draw is closed. Thank you to all of you who participated and shared. Today, day 13 of my advent calendar, I am a bit late. But on the other side: You can win an explorer set today (details of this set you find here on and you are free to pick three 15 […]


five shades of Rose

Here’s a great post written by Raluca, on Fragrance Daily, about my roses, titled “Five Shades of Rose from Andy Tauer“. On of the roses featured: Rose flash. Raluca describes the Rose there with these words (and more) “has a concentration of 20% and is by far the heaviest and sweetest rose Andy has ever […]

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it started with stock in cliplock bottles

Today’s picture shows you a clear bottle with a cliplock, sketched this morning during a coffee break. I saw the bottle when opening the cupboard in order to get explorer sets ready, in one of the upper shelves, a vestige from a past that is not so far away. There we go: Today’s post deals […]

what's up?

Day 20 of the advent calender

This is a super short post on day 20 of the advent calender. The reason: we move from panic mode into full gears action mode. This means: Andy rides downtown in order to look for the gifts that I have in mind. At least I have the gifts in mind. And as its mostly gifts […]

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Doors and day 14 of the advent calendar

There we are again: Day 14 of the advent calendar with a picture of doors leading to a bright unknown. Today, you can win a fragrant soap, called MANDARINES AMBRÉES, made for the season and not available as something you can buy. It is probably the most popular soap that I have created so far. […]

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today’s picture is an old scan of a mandarine. I decided that I need to make two kinds of soaps. I will make a mandarine ambrée soap, loved by many, batch 5 (hence I will have done about 250 soaps so far), and a perfect fit with the holidays. I guess I will go and […]

creating scents

mixing Le Maroc pour elle

My stock of Le Maroc pour elle is down to some dozens bottles and hence there was an urgent need to remix another stock. As the last two weeks saw me waiting for some raw materials used in Le Maroc and as I did not want to mix it when still not feeling ok (I […]

general thoughtsmarketing and branding

sign on the wall

Today, I am going to talk about a sign on the wall. Nope. Not related to banks, nor exchange rates or mene tekels. It is a shiny metal sign that you find in Zurich at Spiegelgasse 29 since a couple of days. It tells everybody passing by or cruising along Spiegelgasse that Medieval art & […]

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the scent of herbs at the Duftapero

Today’s post is short and an invitation to perfume lovers in the Zurich area: If you are in the area and have time you are cordially invited to this year’s “Duftapero”. Like every year since 7 years, Pascal, the shop owner of the book shop Medieval art&vie in Zurich (the  place where you find my […]