packing perfume in the factory

When I pack perfumes in the factory, I sometimes see the light reflecting on the hot embossed silver logo on the cardboard sleeve that protects the tin box. Here’s a close-up photo: With my face being reflected. So you see: From time to time I just have to procrastinate in the factory.

making of

chinese way

Here we are busy fulfilling orders and shipping stuff. Yesterday, a happy day actually, I prepared the boxes for my warehouse in the US that serves my US clients, through shipwire, an order fulfillment company. The do the shipping of full bottles in the US for me, as I cannot directly ship full bottles due […]

general thoughts

important in perfumery: content.

Today’s picture shows you one of a couple of reasons why I did not post yesterday on my blog: I got a lot of work to get done. In this particular case: We got more boxes, and had to kind of reorganize the one room in the “factory” where I store … things. Things being […]

making of

looking at air du désert packed

I got myself a Walimex LED round light. It  is a light source that is like a circle. In the middle there ‘s a free round area to put your camera through. It is a better way of lightening objects, I think. Here’s a link to a picture of this piece of techware. You know: […]

creating scents

Il minimo culturale, que vuole

On Friday, I did a photo of the 02-l’air du désert marocain flacon with its outer packaging. I kind of like it a lot, as there is a certain unpretentiousness going with it. … you know: No pseudo vintage arrangements of objects, no human beings, no body fluids, saliva or alike, a presentation stripped down, […]

making of

a lot of steps until a scent is on the shelf

Today’s picture:  A wrapped, sealed, boxed fragrance, freshly poured and polished and labelled, ready to go into shipment boxes or onto shelves. Yesterday was like super busy. Today, it will be the same and then we hope for a gradual slowing down towards the end of the week. It takes quite a few steps until […]

making of

at tauerville wrapping joy

Today’s picture shows you the result of a few hours wrapping trials and training myself on the new manual wrapping tool: The box at the bottom part is not wrapped, but put into a little polypropylene bag. This bag comes with each box and so far we used these bags to ship our perfumes. They […]

making ofmarketing and branding

Silver, hot and stamped

One of the things that I have learned these last few years: Things take longer than you think. This is true for all aspects of “things”. Like coming up with a changed packaging. Things take longer than you would think, and this is the case for the initial plan, coming up with the details and […]

making of

Noontide Petals samples in the shop and the world in blue without blues

If you have not participated in the “Post Easter happy rabbit draw” for sample discovery sets: You might want to do so by visiting this post (click here). Tomorrow Saturday, I will pick the winners there. Good luck and thank you to all who commented already. Today’s picture shows you a part of the “factory” […]

designmarketing and branding

completely unscented

Today I share a picture of an orchid in bloom, seen over the weekend in my house. The orchid itself is only about 10 high, the flowers are on a string of about 15 cm. I got it as baby plant years ago and sometimes it blooms, always in January. It is completely scentless. But […]