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clean zones

Spring greetings from Zurich, using a photo that I took yesterday in the factory. I found the flower (dandelion) when taking a break, on the road, picked and forgotten. So I took the flower up to the factory room and fooled around with the phone and fruitchouli flash. Doing so, I realized again how important […]

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Hyacinth and other treats

It is spring in Zurich, for sure and for real and it is fantastic. The hyacinths are in bloom on the veranda, more than last year as I planted more bulbs in autumn. Not all of them are equally fragrant and they do not smell exactly the same. But they smell and it is very […]

creating scents


Yesterday, I was walking from here to there, for a couple of hours, through spring and forest land. Just wonderful. The green on the trees is still very delicate and does not cover the forest, yet. All the light get still down to the ground where it warms the moist mushroomy earth and caresses the […]

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among other things ahead, spring

Hurray: Another sunny, spring like day seems to be ahead of us. Wonderful. Today, when I got up, the moon was still shining, but it was doing so under an immaculate dark sky. I got up early today, like: really early, driven out of bed by a clear vision of a full email box, and […]

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goodbye winter and a couple of ideas

Yesterday, while doing my “vita parcours” thing in the woods nearby I could smell spring for the first time this season With vita parcours being a loop with some exercises but with limited jogging length I usually add a few miles jogging extra. And running through the woods early evening with the sun approaching the horizon, […]

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still waiting for spring

To be honest: I have seen it. Big time. Now it is time for spring’s colors. At least when it comes to my humble opinion. But nature needs a couple of weeks more. Thus, we engage in pampering surrogates: Buying tulips and playing with tuberose molecules. Today, I am busy with some production, boxing, shipping […]

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Inspiration lingers everywhere and a pre-spring cleaning of a clustered desk

So it felt like early spring yesterday. The sun got through the early morning fog and it got warm and it truly felt like spring for a moment. Actually, I only wanted to get rid of a few pieces of paper on my desk, but what started innocently as a little engagement turned into a […]