Patch flash is here

I have just sent out the newsletter: patch flash is available now on tauerperfumes.com. I am a bit behind my schedule: the Pitti fair was a touch too busy. But now, we are there, and uploaded the latest fragrance from Tauerville on my site. Sending a newsletter out is always exciting. I think, I mentioned […]



Good morning! Here we are headed for a quick return of winter. I have to make sure that my plants won’t freeze; it will get a bit narrow in the bedroom. This week will be a short one, with at least one highlight every day: Today, I am meeting the product manager, sales representative from […]

marketing and branding

Fragrantica. A review and a thought beyond it

picture credit: Fragrantica Today, I share with you a review that just appeared on Fragrantica, about my novelties and I invite you to read about the newest release from Tauerville, my other story besides Tauer Perfumes. Here is the link to Fragrantica (where I got today’s picture, too). And here’s a thought that goes beyond […]

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Roses et al

Welcome back to a new week with (hopefully) exciting days. I had a pretty busy weekend and am looking forward to a week that will have it all: From packing perfumes, riding the car to pick up packaging goods and combining this ride with a visit at “Bauhaus” (love it!), to meeting perfumer friends and creating perfumes […]

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The other day, I read a post on Looking Feeling Smelling Great, a facebook group of and for perfume lovers, about fake perfumes that enter the markets. The issue is an issue and more and more we see cheapies entering the market. Some of the cheap, heavily discounted fragrances are the real thing, some are […]

marketing and branding

virtue and its reward

Today a little exercise, oil on canvas again, done over the holidays. I am not satisfied, yet and started another painting that will need some time to get finished. Although this is a picture of Mr. Trump, this is not a political post, but when reading Theresa’s comment on the blog post yesterday, saying “virtue is […]

general thoughts

an apple a day

The holidays are over and we are going back to normal which is actually easier than one might think. I do not know about you, but I cannot handle too many festive days in a row. I get all slack and honestly: I can’t handle too much food, too. Thus: Welcome back normal! Over the […]

Give aways and goodies

Day 23 of my advent calendar and a tauerville rollerball for you

(This draw is closed) Good morning from Zurich. Today you can win a 10 ml rollerball from my tauerville line (either ROSE, INCENSE, AMBER or VANILLA flash). Good luck! Actually, I will be offering the roller-balls after the holidays in a set of 4 (1x ROSE, 1x VANILLA, 1x INCENSE, 1x AMBER) for a great […]

Give aways and goodies

Day 5 of the advent calendar and another draw

This draw is closed. Thank you all for participating! ___ Good morning. Today is day five of the advent calendar. Today’s picture: a 5 min camel pencil sketch. Just because. Funny animals. You can continue following the story of the people of Bankonupatut in my advent calendar. Please visit it daily, also to learn more about draws […]

Give aways and goodies

Day 4 of the advent calendar- a draw

This draw is closed. Please visit the advent calendar for more chances to win. Thank you! Good morning. Today is day four of the advent calendar. Today’s picture: From yesterday’s acrylic painting class. You can continue following the story of the people of Bankonupatut in my advent calendar. Please visit it daily, also to learn more about […]