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stretch goals

Today’s picture: My pink little tulips are about to start blooming on the veranda/garden. It all started with a few bulbs and every year the patch of pink tulips gets larger. Nice! Like all early tulips they do not last long but I have different varieties of tulips in the garden, with varying time to […]

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again and again

in the watercolor class yesterday: Tulips. Again. We “did” tulips last week, too. I did not mind. This week, the teacher came with three lessons, take home lessons and stuff to work on: Using alternative tools to “nail” these tulips and getting around worrying about the details, kind of: Abstraction without losing the motif. Doing […]

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tulips on the go

The coming days will be getting nicer and warmer from day to day and probably busier from day to day, too. But that’s going to be ok. I just need to ramp  up the production of some scents, air du désert marocain is one of them. And in case you are interested in a nice concise […]

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tulips again and books for a season

Here’s another tulip centric picture, somewhat optimized and polished for publishing. Since a week or so we get snow on a daily basis, mostly during the night, and it got sort of cold. It’s the time where we miss colors and hence a nice colored spot coming from the Netherlands makes all the difference! As […]

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more tulips and more boxes

There we go again: A new week, all fresh and exciting. I will continue there where I stopped last week: Orders from retailers need to get into boxes and onto their way over the alps or the oceans. Actually, the last few days were simply astonishing.  We got so much going on around here, and […]

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first tulip of the year and a new circle beginning.

I continue showing you spring teaser flowers: The first tulip that showed its shy red head a few days ago. Today, it is proudly showing it all… The last few days have been amazing: An explosion is taking place right in front of our eyes and noses.  And fitting with nature starting another circle we […]

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black and white

Today, I share another picture of last week’s tulips: the flowers opened up and I made pictures of them on Saturday in the afternoon sun. This time, I show you a tulip in black and white. Quite amazing how different the same flower look: It is the same structures, the same shapes, but the missing […]

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still waiting for spring

To be honest: I have seen it. Big time. Now it is time for spring’s colors. At least when it comes to my humble opinion. But nature needs a couple of weeks more. Thus, we engage in pampering surrogates: Buying tulips and playing with tuberose molecules. Today, I am busy with some production, boxing, shipping […]