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wish you

Today’s picture shows you an orchid, in full and unfortunately short bloom theses days, in front of a gentle afternoon sun. I wish you a sunny weekend!

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even more soaps

So many things happening these days! I have another video for you: Packing the soaps into paper (after having wrapped them in cellophane foil) Today we finish the first round of 400 soaps. 400 more to go. While packing them I will use the meditative groove to think perfumes.  I will have to have a […]

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more soaps

More on the happy, meditative, nirvana (almost more mandarines scent than you can deal with) inducing soap making: Including a little video showing you two hands and a pile of soaps being packed into cellophane foil. We sort of improved our pouring process, and the W.-factor built two frames for pouring the soap into. Thus, […]

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open letters on linden blossom

It is with great pleasure (and many thanks for Nathan’s support) that I announce the next series of open letters between Mandy Aftel and myself on Linden blossom and creating perfumes from a broader perspective. I invite you to read more on our take on this natural beauty here (click here) on Nathan’s blog. Today’s […]

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Today, we will pour a lot of RÊVERIE AU JARDIN into flacons, because we see yet another mini boom for the Rêverie, and put the NEW  design wooden tops onto the top of the filled and crimped flacons. These black top covers are made from beech wood, by the way, by a family owned Austrian […]

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autumn groove

Here, at the foot of the alps, under heavy clouds, we get into full autumn mode. The light is grey, the colors of the painted trees faded, the streets reflect the dark clouds like wet mirrors, and the fruits of the year are harvested. When I prepared today’s orders for the post, filling out the […]

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colors of soap

Yesterday, we packed a few more soaps, in my little room with a view, and a blue sky with a gentle October sun shining outside into trees in golden fire. When the sun shines into the piles of soaps, cut and ready for their cellophane-wrap and the paper wrap and the PP-bag, then the soaps […]

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shades of blue and green

We are thinking colors again: a name for a particular  shade of blue – green, for things coming out in Autumn 2011. Today I want to work on some texts and colors. And later in the afternoon I will fool around with a few scents in development, as it is play time today! About Autumn […]

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¡ vamos !

After yesterday’s news on my brand being soon available in France, here comes the next exciting news. Tauer goes south. Actually, this is true in a very literal sense. I will be in Madrid, end November, presenting my brand to folks from the press, as my products will very soon be available at Le Secret […]

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on y va

You remember how I sort of complained about how difficult France is for artisanal and niche perfumery? And how I went to secret missions from here to there? Finally, good news and a bright sky above us. My scent babies go to Grenoble. Yes. Imagine! Last Friday I visited LM.Parfums, or in other words la […]