general thoughts


I published this tuberose a couple of days ago on Facebook. I cut it in the garden and now it sits in the house and perfumes the living room in a nice way: Not too much, not too little; the thing with tuberoses…they can easily overwhelm you and balance is key, whether you put the […]

marketing and branding

total awefullness

I just got back home from the EMEX, a marketing and communication fair in Zurich where I met my supplier of my boxes. I also met a couple of other potential suppliers for boxes and tools and stuff. These fairs are always super inspiring and wake up ideas that have gone into snoozing mode, like … […]

Give aways and goodies

a flattering video and a draw

Sorry for not posting for a while: I discovered a little technical issue on the blog and did not want to risk a thing… So there we go. This is the first video that I have seen this morning. 2 minutes pure joy and I am still feeling totally flattered. Thank you so much, Carlos! […]

making of

Dark Mysterious Woods

This is sort of a flash news and super exciting… Yesterday, Tigerlily ‘s online store went online. Here’s the link: and there, on the site you find some great news, too: The UNRELEASED project. I am so proud to be included there with Dark Mysterious Woods. More about this UNRELEASED project here, on, where you […]

marketing and branding

tauer goes shopping

That was a great weekend, sort of productive. I have been working on a formula that sits in Excel for a while now and tweaked it here and there a bit. Usually, during the week, I don’t work on formulas very much, at least not physically. I think about it and do the mixing over […]

what's up?

heading forward

This morning I am a bit in a hurry. I expect a delivery coming by truck to the factory and I need to be there this morning, hoping that they will get there in the morning. Thus, I am “heading” down there real soon. When picking today’s picture, fitting with the word “heading”, I started […]

making of

Are you afraid of the dark?

“Are you afraid of the dark? Don’t be; I’m not. We’ll guide you through the Forest Primaeval, have no fear. ” This is Ida, Ida Meister, about Dark Mysterious Woods, in a scented snippet on Fragrantica. Here’s the link to Fragrantica. Ida presents, in her beautiful imaginative words, 10 scents, all part of the UNRELEASED […]

marketing and branding

publication notice

today,  a little tauerville note, just because. Yesterday, I got the official Notification of Publication for the brand name  “tauerville”® by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The mark is already registered in Switzerland, though. That was a nice message to get in the evening. Another little step forward there.

general thoughts

bats early in the morning

For today’s post I did not really have a picture, thus I had to get one. So there you go…I got up super early, for no particular reason. If I wake up I get up, usually, because you never know how many days more you are given to wake up. And I usually wake up […]


dirty hands

I painted the second last picture published here on the blog, the elephant in orange, with the brush that you see in today’s picture. The brush is pretty rough, pretty large and round. This translates into: Difficult to do details, and nice structures due to the brush’s rough hair. The brush helps to stay “generous” and free […]