scribbling and waiting for Tuberose

I love doing these little scribble sketches. They are done within minutes, you are free when doing them as the individual stroke does not matter and yet at the end, sometimes, the result is remarkable. They are perfect for moments like “now”. I will soon have to run out of the house, visit the post […]


a list with 500 perfumes on basenotes

Good morning from Zurich, where I am getting ready for a new exciting week under a perfect blue sky. Last week was less perfect and saw me more in bed than in a vertical position, but we are sort of up and running again… One of last week’s highlights was: Grant Osborne’s list on : […]

what's up?

when less is less and more is more

Yesterday, after shipping boxes and more boxes from the factory, and before collapsing in the bed, as I felt super sick, I did an aquarell, of myself, but I won’t share it here. I look so sick there. Amazing, how somehow the subconscious guides the brushes. I will go somewhat quiet for the next 2 […]

general thoughts

and we see that we don't see much

Again, a super small picture that does not really tells much: This time a panoramic view of parts of the “factory. And we sort of see that we do not see a lot. I get this question a lot, usually with a “I know it might be too much” : ” I would love to […]

marketing and branding

here's a little picture

well, today’s picture is actually too small. I cannot upload a larger version here, but there’s one on my facebook site if you care to see it all. It is a panoramic view, taken with my ipad. I learned about this panorama function at the stand. I did not know how simple it is to […]

what's up?

clean and powdery

uiuiui… we are still in post Pitti blast mode here, and in PHI – une rose de Kandahar bringing back mode which means packaging and packing and packing to get the shipments out to the stores that reordered the rose de Kandahar months ago. The good news is: The biggest order of these with delivery […]

what's up?

back to my bottles and flowers

Yeah….I am home! Back to my fragrant bottles. And flowers (the card to the left is actually going to be a birthday card). And computer where I try to keep up with things post Pitti. Yes, you guessed it right: Pretty busy here. But you know what? The fair was great and I actually got […]


Pitti 2015 ahead

Good morning from Zurich, almost on my way to Florence. A wonderful city that I have actually never visited, for real I mean, with sightseeing and so… Every time that I was there in the last couple of years I was way too busy spraying and talking perfume. This year will not be different. Pitti […]


work in progress

Yesterday, on the way home from long weekend in the Swiss countryside, the conversation in the car went like (me) “you know, in a way, it feels right not to work too hard today!” (driver) “how come?” (me) ” well, it’s Labor Day” (driver) “where’s that?” (me) ” well, Labor Day’s happening in the US” […]

general thoughts

lot 001

Good morning from Zurich. Phew! That was quite a week! Tauerville’s Incense flash went online and kept me busy for a while. And for Tauer Perfumes I am trying to get ready for Pitti . Pitti begins in a week from now, and it will be heaven on perfume earth and a little bit of hell, […]