air du désert marocain


Shipping to Germany …. we are getting there….

Here’s the good news for today, among a lot of rain pouring from the skies: we can ship to Germany again, everything, including full size bottles. We cover the VAT, it is all included when you check out.  My invitation: give it a try here:  We also ship full size bottles in Europe to […]

making of

the miniature of air du désert marocain is here

I have uploaded the miniature of L’air du désert marocain on my website. It is so cute. Finally, it is there, together with the 5ml attar. Details of the deal, after long discussions with friends, and bookkeepers: The l’air du désert miniature comes with free shipment and it sells for 15.-. The scent is […]

The first version of Air du désert marocain, lot 001

11 years of air du désert marocain

It is 11 years that L’air du désert marocain exists. I launched it 11 years ago in the most simple flacon you can imagine (see picture of today). It has been quite a journey since then…. Overall, the journey brought me up to new lands and discoveries, but it was a bumpy way, with many […]


bestsellers et al

Good morning! Ui…. It’s been awhile since I’ve been talking here. It was utterly busy, in a peculiar way: We got a lot of shipments that needed to get out and shipments (by truck) mean: They tell you that they will come, somewhen.  And sometimes they forget you. Thus, I ended up, stranded a bit, […]


a list with 500 perfumes on basenotes

Good morning from Zurich, where I am getting ready for a new exciting week under a perfect blue sky. Last week was less perfect and saw me more in bed than in a vertical position, but we are sort of up and running again… One of last week’s highlights was: Grant Osborne’s list on : […]

general thoughts

lot 001

Good morning from Zurich. Phew! That was quite a week! Tauerville’s Incense flash went online and kept me busy for a while. And for Tauer Perfumes I am trying to get ready for Pitti . Pitti begins in a week from now, and it will be heaven on perfume earth and a little bit of hell, […]

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piles of things

Today’s picture is a bit an odd one: it is a picture from one of the walls in the “factory”, where I piled up the boxed packages of air du désert marocain. Pieces of 24 in cardboard boxes, piled up to form sort of a tauer tower. Some more need to go there, but there […]

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printing cards

today, right now, somewhat bugged out, I am printing cards a gogo. For air du désert marocain. It is a bit annoying, because the printer has troubles fetching the cards, sometimes. Thus, it was quite some fiddling happening this morning in the house of tauer. But now, after setting some details and cheating the printer by […]

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hot 'n stuff

It got hot here; and -quite normal in middle Europe-we do not have an air condition in the “factory”. Thus, it is the time of the year where I get out of the house early, do my stuff in the factory before it is getting too hot in there, and leave the factory for the paper and office work […]

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shipping air du désert marocain

I did not post a lot this week, but the last post  about some of the marketing mechanics found quite some interest: Great! I was not aware that talking about the rules of the game might find such an interest here. Again: Great! This week I was pretty busy with stocking up (Incense rosé) and […]