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Musk, conditioning, code and collecting words

Yesterday, well, yesterday, the blog was down for quite a while. A technical glitch, nothing serious, but my IT guru told me to wait writing and doing anything on the blog before all is set to normal again. So there we went: No post yesterday. Another glitch: I got a lot of birthday wishes for […]

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Today’s picture shows you a train, Rhätische Bahn, in the evening, passing by the entry to the Morteratsch valley, early in the night, with the last daylight reflecting from the snow mountains. I was there Friday night and took this photo while the train passed by my hotel room. So yes: That’s the view we […]

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Where is?

Where is the “L’eau d’épices”? I was asked the other day at an event. Actually, I was asked in LA, during the Scentbar event and launch of Loretta. And the question came out of the blue, and hence I replied rather bluntly that it is not there right now, because I run out of stock […]

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I am a bit behind my boxing and packing schedule. Although I have piled up boxes everywhere around me: I need to speed up and work longer to finish the open orders until next week, to get them shipped out next week. Thus, my happy creative afternoon will be replaced by bottling and boxing. And […]



“There seems to be more magazines about gardening then there are folks actually working in a garden”, the W.-factor wondered this summer when we were both  staring at the display of a newspaper kiosk, while waiting for a train to bring us home to town from a Swiss village. “It is about sublimation”, I replied. […]

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leaving work bench for a while

I am busy with the last minute preparations before leaving for London in an hour or two. And, to be honest, I am leaving happily, also in light of the last few days that were really, really, really busy.  Looking forward to fish and chips or alike, a pint and getting together with lovely folks […]

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poison pour les poissons

Continuing there where I stopped last week: Today’s pictures shows you a snapshot, dated from last week, taken on my mixing bench in the studio room. Mixing of eau d’épices. You see: We mix the eau d’épices fragrance for you, by hand, working with the oils and resins and powders, combining them in a large […]

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Olivier Durbano

OK. Back again. The new kids in town, ROSE VERMEILLE AND EAU D’ÉPICES, are online and as always, I tend to forget the implications like an e-mail box filling ah! and oh!’s and ???. I guess I am a lucky guy these days. Furthermore, we had to do an open heart surgery kind of thing […]

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back from Pitti wonderland

We are back from Pitti wonderland. What a great place Florence is. I wished I had seen a bit more than the Pitti halls and the hotel room. But then: We come back 2011…. NOW: back in Tauer land we have a few boxes and flacons and a more issues waiting. Actually, on of the […]

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shape and color

the first morning hour is usually mine. The earlier the more it is mine, and the better: in the morning I write the posts of the day and come up with weird thoughts. And get used to the idea that another day waits with e-mails, although I spenTd an evening answering so many of them. […]