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I like it that way

Yesterday was a lovely evening, and I enjoyed the opportunity to talk about what happened to me the last 11 years, in front of about 30 ladies and gentlemen, all new to the world of artisanal perfumery. To be honest: I enjoy talking about myself and the story of how I started creating perfumes. Initially, […]

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Day 13 of the advent calendar

Greetings to you all and a great start into your new week. This is day 13 of the advent calendar, where you have a chance every day to win a cologne that I made for this occasion and because I like to do it. And we are past the middle of our countdown. From now […]

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flacons for the line and inlays

After yesterday’s post that basically aimed at: – showing you the Cologne du Maghreb, that I made specially for the advent calendar draws, taking place December 1-24 (yes, you cannot get it anywhere else) – with some irony reflecting on pictures used to present perfumes we are back. But today I am a bit more […]

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linden blossom next open letter series

Nathan just published the next round of our open letter discussion, as a continuation of a serious of exchanges: Mandy Aftel and myself, getting closer to building a linden blossom fragrance. This time, I feel it becomes obvious how we,  in all differences, come to similar conclusions. It is a tricky essential oil, this Linden […]



“There seems to be more magazines about gardening then there are folks actually working in a garden”, the W.-factor wondered this summer when we were both  staring at the display of a newspaper kiosk, while waiting for a train to bring us home to town from a Swiss village. “It is about sublimation”, I replied. […]

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open letters on linden blossom

It is with great pleasure (and many thanks for Nathan’s support) that I announce the next series of open letters between Mandy Aftel and myself on Linden blossom and creating perfumes from a broader perspective. I invite you to read more on our take on this natural beauty here (click here) on Nathan’s blog. Today’s […]

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Letters to a fellow perfumer (2)

Back from Grenoble! It was  a bit of a drive down there and back in a day, but true worth it. More on this trip later. There is hope for Tauer in France… I have perfect reading recommendation for your weekend: Mandy Aftel and Andy Tauer’s Letters to a fellow perfumer. Continued here on Nathan […]

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hand in hand

Today Nathan published two open letters on his blog, side by side, one by Mandy Aftel and one by myself. We talk to each other, starting an open communication between two perfumers, coming from two angles, sharing the same passion, following the same star. In the future, we will continue to discuss and share how […]