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when birds sing

Monday, leaving the factory after a long day labeling bottles and packing orders, I heard a bird. It was chirping, loud and different in a way I cannot describe. I looked up and saw the bird on the rim of the roof covering the parking lot. It would not stop. Yesterday, again in the factory, […]

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On rumors: Tauer attends Pitti Fragranze 2013

It will be in 4 month sharp that I will be at Pitti Fragranze 2013, on a stand organized by and  together with my distributor Profumimport. I mention this here, and will continue doing so a couple of times, as I learned that there are rumors spread in Italy that I won’t attend this year’s […]


On our way to Pitti 2012 in Firenze

Today’s sketch shows you: Florence, we are coming. Or at least: Soon! Tomorrow, we will take the early train to Florence, to help build the stand and get ready for the biggest thing in artistic and artisanal and niche and indie and luxury perfumery:  Pitti. I cannot wait to finally get there,  and show Loretta, […]

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bye and some links

This is a byebye for a day or two. Tomorrow, we will be driving and then I will be standing at the exhibition stand at Pitti Fragranze. And today, it is last minute preparations day. Thus, I leave you to reading other blogs and news and there we go with the recommended posts of today: […]

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pipettes, play and $ signs

Fragrant greetings on this bright day. Two more days (or one, depending on counting) before we for the Pitti Fragranze niche perfume show in Florence. Thus, as you may imagine:  a lot of last minute preparations! But today, I will  talk about composing and not about presenting fragrances. I cleaned up the other day, throwing […]

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3 weeks until Pitti Fragranze

In three weeks I will get ready for Pitti Fragranze in Florence. With this in mind, I visited my bike mechanic guy to announce my bike for repairs. I used it on a daily basis and hence figured that these 5 days where I am at Pitti might be ideal to get my bike’s age […]

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back from Pitti wonderland

We are back from Pitti wonderland. What a great place Florence is. I wished I had seen a bit more than the Pitti halls and the hotel room. But then: We come back 2011…. NOW: back in Tauer land we have a few boxes and flacons and a more issues waiting. Actually, on of the […]

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in last minute preparation mode

We are entering in full last minute preparation mode these minutes: Pitti Fragranze is ante portas, and on Thursday we hit the train to Florence (hence the picture, although the train in the photo is the Bernina express train, seen 10 days ago).  In order to get into the Italian grove we went to the […]


Official PR

This is the official PR for the new Tauer launches, on Now Smell This. Click here for Robin’s post. And here my contribution to this PR fact (click on image for larger version).

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palette day

It is strange. You think about it, prepare for it, see it coming with eyes wide open . Yet, once it is here, you are amazed. Today, we continue making more samples for the Italian perfume exhibition Pitti Fragranze, and assembling everything for the two palettes that the truck is going to pick up tomorrow.  […]