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Welcome back to a new week with (hopefully) exciting days. I had a pretty busy weekend and am looking forward to a week that will have it all: From packing perfumes, riding the car to pick up packaging goods and combining this ride with a visit at “Bauhaus” (love it!), to meeting perfumer friends and creating perfumes […]

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PHI – une rose de Kandahar is basically gone

Good morning from Zurich where the snow that we got after X-mas (around 40 cm, hossa!) is melting, under a grey foggy sky, that seems to merge  with the grey asphalt of the city. And, allegory you are surrounded, like the snow my stock of PHI-une rose de Kandahar was melting in the last few weeks […]

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success in perfumery

In one of my comments on yesterday’s blog post, I wrote what some of my perfumer friends and me often say: “success in perfumery is twofold: a) get the creation right. b) get it sold.” Here are a couple of consequences, or better: conclusions, that you might draw if you take the above seriously. There […]


belling deer and a rose flash update

Today, en miniature, an aquarelle that is not finished, yet. It needs some fine grasses in the front. In about every 10th mid European hotel there is at least one picture of a belling deer in late autumn, or winter. A clichée. But I could not help drawing it. So there you go: Andy’s deer […]

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Good morning. Here’s an update of things happening around here. First things first: I will soon go to the factory, count the remaining bottles of Rose flash and will have to put Rose flash somewhen today on “out of stock” from backordered. It was/is quite a success. To be honest: I was not prepared and […]

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Flower power

Just wow! ROSE flash developed into a Rose flash MOB sales. Thus, this post is short, very short, as I will be busy keeping up with my online shop. To celebrate: Today’s picture is a colorful selfie, sort of how it feels like here in tauerville, or roseville….happy and somewhat thoughtful tired. Actually, ROSE flash […]


ROSE flash

I just clicked the “send” button for the newsletter. It is out now, no way back. There it says: ” ROSE flash is the most luxurious rose that I have created so far. It is special in many ways. I look at it as a little gift from tauerville; a perfume for my rose loving friends. […]

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end of week

Happy Friday! That was quite a week! Like… super busy here. Now, I just finished preparing the last shipment papers for retailers shipments that will leave the factory this afternoon. And then, then we go back to normal. Normal means: Working on the Gardenia launch, enjoying the thrill, and playing with raw materials (again): While […]