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I am a bit behind my boxing and packing schedule. Although I have piled up boxes everywhere around me: I need to speed up and work longer to finish the open orders until next week, to get them shipped out next week. Thus, my happy creative afternoon will be replaced by bottling and boxing. And […]

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colors of soap

Yesterday, we packed a few more soaps, in my little room with a view, and a blue sky with a gentle October sun shining outside into trees in golden fire. When the sun shines into the piles of soaps, cut and ready for their cellophane-wrap and the paper wrap and the PP-bag, then the soaps […]

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leaving work bench for a while

I am busy with the last minute preparations before leaving for London in an hour or two. And, to be honest, I am leaving happily, also in light of the last few days that were really, really, really busy.  Looking forward to fish and chips or alike, a pint and getting together with lovely folks […]

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Olivier Durbano

OK. Back again. The new kids in town, ROSE VERMEILLE AND EAU D’ÉPICES, are online and as always, I tend to forget the implications like an e-mail box filling ah! and oh!’s and ???. I guess I am a lucky guy these days. Furthermore, we had to do an open heart surgery kind of thing […]

designmarketing and branding

back from Pitti wonderland

We are back from Pitti wonderland. What a great place Florence is. I wished I had seen a bit more than the Pitti halls and the hotel room. But then: We come back 2011…. NOW: back in Tauer land we have a few boxes and flacons and a more issues waiting. Actually, on of the […]



And off we go for a few days.  Pitti and Florence: We are almost there! In the mean time, enjoy Persolaise’s review of UNE ROSE VERMEILLE by clicking here to get to Persolaise.com. I feel like this review is important. And I feel like I need to talk a bit on the Rose vermeille in […]

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more guru meetings

We enjoy a remarkable summer so far. Up in the thirties day in, day out, with rain or thunderstorms in the evening for a nice and decent cooling down over night. It is a touch too hot to work during the day, thus I end up doing the heavy stuff in the morning. Heavy stuff […]


A moment with lily of the valley

Yesterday was air du désert bottle pouring and crimping and labeling day. And today we engage in UNE ROSE VERMEILLE bottle pouring and crimping and labeling day. Oups. No. Wrong. We are still waiting for the labels, but do the bottle thing. Over the week end we plan to do more bottle pouring fun, in […]