designwhat's up?

on ideas and what we do with them

On Monday afternoon, I wanted to write a post about design and that design is everywhere. And how it influences us and so on. I got sort of inspired by a quick picture that I took while waiting for the dentist in the dentist chair with the most spectacular view over one of Zurich’s growth […]

marketing and brandingwhat's up?


today’s picture going with the blog post would work lovely with a couple of thoughts that jump forth and back in my mind. It is a picture of a bag of chips that I took (the picture not the chips) in the local supermarket over the weekend. Regular chips, not the children size optimized chips […]



Yesterday, I got the NOONTIDE petals labels for the flacon. The label that will sit on the shoulder (picture coming next week) is a bright yellow, not too loud, but bright. I picked a comparable color for an illustration that I finished this morning, during my first creative Friday hours. You can see the result […]

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das kleine Buch der grossen Parfums

Tania Sanchez’ and Luca Turin’s “Little book of Perfumes” is translated into German and Pascal, the shop owner of Medieval art&vie brought me a copy. This shop is the bookshop where everything Tauer began; at least when it comes to perfumes that are sold. Funny: in German the title of the book is literally “the […]

making of

on a brown green orchid and a printer that fits

It is the time of the year again. One of my unknown orchid blooms in the living room. It always does shortly before spring brings back the colors outside. The flowers are actually pretty small (1 cm) and pretty dull on the first look: kind of green-brown. But if you look at their details, it […]


structural elements

I picked today’s picture of a leave, taken against the sun, shining through it and revealing its structure, because it is a wonderful example for nature’s way of building the most complex structures with (seemingly) simple elements and repetition of these structural elements. In a sense, things at tauerville got pretty complex, too. And I aim […]

creating scents

experiments and checks and balances

Today’s picture shows you a quick shot, modified and rendered dramatic, of an aluminum bottle, 250 ml, with absolute of jasmine in it. I used it yesterday, when (hallelujah! ) I found the time to work in my creative scent room and do a couple of experimental runs. This particular bottle contains the last milliliters of a […]

making of

lonestar mixing day

It’s Lonestar Memories mixing day! Mixing day means: I first have to sit together with my PC, creating a new sheet for a new lot of the scent, and checking in another sheet whether I have all that I need. Then I need to put all the raw materials together, getting them from the fridge(s) […]

general thoughts


Fragrant greetings from the factory, where I am about to fill samples a gogo and wait for truck drivers picking up boxes. Today’s picture shows you a photo that I took in a sugar museum: a happy couple, woman serving hot beverages and offering a piece of sugar to man who sits a bit stiff, […]

creating scentswhat's up?

tulips again and books for a season

Here’s another tulip centric picture, somewhat optimized and polished for publishing. Since a week or so we get snow on a daily basis, mostly during the night, and it got sort of cold. It’s the time where we miss colors and hence a nice colored spot coming from the Netherlands makes all the difference! As […]