Back from Rome

I am back from Rome and – as you might  imagine – have a plate on the table that is pretty full. About as full as our home here in Zurich: We got the 5000 inlays delivered and the green flacons for the COLLECTIBLES and the flacons for the PENTACHORDS. And now we are full. […]

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the final chapter of the inlay story

It felt like an endless story and it was a bumpy road where the story took developed and turned up and down in strange twists. But now we come to the end of the poetic search for the perfect inlay. Yesterday, I placed the final order for the inlay, at a German company. The folded […]

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Human beings, children especially, need rituals; we feel fine with them and look for  the comfort of well known places and the security of finding people, things and thoughts there where we expect them. Hence, we arrange wonderfully with prejudices, spend  a lot of time at familiar places and do a lot of the same […]

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shake it, baby

Yesterday evening we (Designers Club and me) tested about 10 different papers for the inlays; different in terms of strength and quality. We got about 10 of each paper, all embossed and perforated following a 100% clever and ingenious design. We put them into the tin box, with a Rose vermeille, and then we simulated […]

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flacons for the line and inlays

After yesterday’s post that basically aimed at: – showing you the Cologne du Maghreb, that I made specially for the advent calendar draws, taking place December 1-24 (yes, you cannot get it anywhere else) – with some irony reflecting on pictures used to present perfumes we are back. But today I am a bit more […]

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folded paper

We will do another round with the folded paper inlay that is supposed to hold my flacons in the tin box. This inlay will replace my “black-paper-wrapped-around- the-flacon”-solution in the near future, but I want to do it right. (see a picture of the inlay here in an older post) Or: We want to do […]

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¡ vamos !

After yesterday’s news on my brand being soon available in France, here comes the next exciting news. Tauer goes south. Actually, this is true in a very literal sense. I will be in Madrid, end November, presenting my brand to folks from the press, as my products will very soon be available at Le Secret […]

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After a great weekend with a lot of jogging and an (almost) new record time (107 minutes) for my 2o km: Back to perfumery. Today we finish putting everything into the shipment boxes and pack everything for a the truck shipments to retailers. And we will do some dilutions of perfume: 50 liters of air […]

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back in normal waters

Sodeli…(Swiss German for well, well…) we are back in sort of normal mode.  Normal mode for end September is packing and dispatching a lot of boxes which is, despite the fact that it is work, a true joy to me. I love to say bye bye to parcels and boxes and wish them farewell on […]

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balancing act

This is a serious post. Maybe a difficult post to digest for a few out there. OK. Let’s start. The picture is from Avignon. A great piece of art. Love it. I am trying to create perfumes beyond the ordinary. Yet, they need to be packed and shipped using the ordinary way: Postal services. We […]