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like photoshop layers

So you see: another Fall related picture today. Colorful October leaves. Right now, it would be difficult to come up with the same picture, as it pours. It does so since hours, and although I am blessed with GoreTex layered trousers and shoes and jackets and more: It does not feel like the right weather […]

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another rose painted

Here comes another rose related post, and another rose picture. But today I share a quick sketch I did this morning, in 15 minutes, behind the Xintiq, a digital drawing tablet from Wacom that I have fallen in love with a while ago. I could not spend more than a few minutes on the sketch, […]

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moon and other impressive sights

The moon yesterday was really impressive. And so was Rome last week. A couple of millenniums at your fingertip, sort of, and a city that is like a living palimpsest. All the churches, former temples, Roman bricks, and Renaissance houses remind in the vanity of beauty and power. All the cardinals and popes and worldly […]


labor day

Tomorrow, I will fly to Rome, to launch Miriam and Tableau de Parfum. This will be fun, but today is labor day and I got up before six to celebrate this day with work. This was an hour and a few mails ago and in a few moments I will leave for the factory, to […]

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retour de Paris

So I am back from Paris, and can look back to an evening with Maccarons, champagne, wonderful people and a secret star: Miriam, the fragrance. In a sense it was the European launch of Tableau de Parfums. Miriam has arrived in Paris, now. I took a picture inside the shop, looking outside, and I find […]

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soaps and VOD and a good piece of reading

Uff. that was quite a week. And guess what I will do tonight? Watch movies! And try to read a few things and smell a few its and bits all into the weekend. In case you feel like me after a long week, here a few hints, and announcements and wishes. Miriam, the film section […]

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out of box failure

This is actually a happy post although the title let ‘s you guess it might not be. The postman was busy yesterday, bringing me a lot of things: fragrant raw materials that I have been waiting for since….October 2011!  Finally, I have (almost) all ready to mix Loretta, the second fragrance from the Tableau de […]

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raw materials and mixing

Today is mixing day. And today’s picture to the left shows you the aluminum bottles from the fridge that I took out yesterday, allowing the contents to come to room temperature over night. This is important to avoid condensing water inside the bottles. I store all citrus oils, all flower absolutes, and a few specialties […]

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love the idea of going back

Right now, I am working on my newsletter, scheduled to go out end of this month, pictures and later some text. Basically, I am announcing the advent calendar 2011, and tell my newsletter readers that the Pentachords are here since September, Miriam, the first fragrance from the Tableau de Parfums series, is there since October […]

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a Miriam review on Muse in Wooden Shoes

The first thing I read this morning was a review. Carol who runs the Muse in Wooden Shoes blog  posted a review on the scent Miriam,  and what a review! You find it here, following this link to her blog. She put the scent into the context of  Tauer and the movie Woman’s Picture by […]