Soap being produced
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a trip to the factory that produces my soaps. now.

Yesterday, I visited a soap manufacture in Switzerland. Because…. I finally get my perfumed soaps produced. Some of you might know the soap “line”: Perfume in a soap. I made these for friends and family, for special occasions, and for the store that my designer guru runs, fabrikat. (please check their website for pictures of […]


orange and now velvet

So I picked an orange colour for the soap wrapping paper: Pantone Orange 021 PC. It is a slightly “dimmed” orange,  not loud, but still orange. It is hard to  pass this on via a monitor or a photo, but maybe the packaging prototype on a bright orange leather gives you an idea. Actually, in […]

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today’s picture is an old scan of a mandarine. I decided that I need to make two kinds of soaps. I will make a mandarine ambrée soap, loved by many, batch 5 (hence I will have done about 250 soaps so far), and a perfect fit with the holidays. I guess I will go and […]

Tableau de Parfumswhat's up?

Working on kickstarter goodies

This week will see me working on the goodies that I promised to produce for the kickstarter campaign of Only Child. If this campaign and the exciting  film project of Brian Pera is new to you: Here is the link to the kickstarter campaign page. Thus, I will start pouring those Loretta Tuberose soaps today, […]

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Kimchi season

The weather has changed. What was 15°C and sunshine is about 5 °C and grey. “Nature is ready for winter”; I thought when hiking the last mile on Friday. I guess every day without snow is another day with a free lunch for deers and birds. After this year’s long and heavy winter they sure […]

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even more soaps

So many things happening these days! I have another video for you: Packing the soaps into paper (after having wrapped them in cellophane foil) Today we finish the first round of 400 soaps. 400 more to go. While packing them I will use the meditative groove to think perfumes.  I will have to have a […]

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more soaps

More on the happy, meditative, nirvana (almost more mandarines scent than you can deal with) inducing soap making: Including a little video showing you two hands and a pile of soaps being packed into cellophane foil. We sort of improved our pouring process, and the W.-factor built two frames for pouring the soap into. Thus, […]

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colors of soap

Yesterday, we packed a few more soaps, in my little room with a view, and a blue sky with a gentle October sun shining outside into trees in golden fire. When the sun shines into the piles of soaps, cut and ready for their cellophane-wrap and the paper wrap and the PP-bag, then the soaps […]

Give aways and goodiesmaking ofmarketing and branding

on soaps

Yesterday was Sunday, and I used the opportunity of a a grey post-jogging Sunday afternoon to run the first series of 50 soaps: To see how long it takes and to make sure that there is enough time. You remember? I have made a deal with a local apothecary and provide them with 800 scented […]

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in last minute preparation mode

We are entering in full last minute preparation mode these minutes: Pitti Fragranze is ante portas, and on Thursday we hit the train to Florence (hence the picture, although the train in the photo is the Bernina express train, seen 10 days ago).  In order to get into the Italian grove we went to the […]