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bear's garlic

On Friday, I diluted the next batch of the fragrance ZETA – a linden blossom theme-, and put a few drops onto my skin, after pouring the 20 liters into 2 aluminum cans. Just to test the scent and because I have not worn ZETA for a quite a while, almost forgot about  it. I […]

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delays as usual and a little sample draw

====== EDITED:  March 09 17.30 Swiss time. THE DRAW IS CLOSED. Thank you to all who participated. The winners, picked with truly in a random way, are: Olivia A. Aster Monica Congratuluations again =========== Believe it or not: We started working on the design and packaging for the Collectibles in  autumn. Some stuff we […]

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in a waiting position

I am waiting these days. For the sun: It is almost all day long grey and I have not seen the sun for a while. For spring: I am tired of temperatures around zero Celsius and long for the warmth of the sun and the damp fragrance of earth and the silver light on wet […]

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there are no answers, only choices

The quote “there are no answers, only choices” is from Stanislav Lem’s novel Solaris. Removed from its context of exploring intelligent life beyond earth, it is a quote that I find fitting with and for a lot of aspects of life; and it fits with questions we ask, looking into the sky, in search for […]

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black and white

Today, I share another picture of last week’s tulips: the flowers opened up and I made pictures of them on Saturday in the afternoon sun. This time, I show you a tulip in black and white. Quite amazing how different the same flower look: It is the same structures, the same shapes, but the missing […]

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Linden blossom fragrance matures

We got the tickets for Milano, heading there for a day towards the end of this week, in order to discuss a few 2011 things with my Italian business partner who takes so much good care on my brand in Italy. I will discuss the plans for the coming months and the scents of spring. […]

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Inspiration lingers everywhere and a pre-spring cleaning of a clustered desk

So it felt like early spring yesterday. The sun got through the early morning fog and it got warm and it truly felt like spring for a moment. Actually, I only wanted to get rid of a few pieces of paper on my desk, but what started innocently as a little engagement turned into a […]

green glass
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shades of green

Yesterday afternoon I got the long awaited parcel from France, from the factory where people produce my flacon, semiautomatically, in an  artisanal way, the way flacons are produced since 100 years. The difference: The glass that is colored (imbued with color) and not painted on the outside and hence shows a different shine and brilliance, […]

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Day 17 of the advent calendar

this is day 17 of the advent calendar, hosted by myself again, after a guest hosting over there at PerfumePosse yesterday. I love their blog! And, again, you can win your cologne du Maghreb, sent to you by myself, provided I picked you with from the comments below. You can find out more on […]

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linden blossom next open letter series

Nathan just published the next round of our open letter discussion, as a continuation of a serious of exchanges: Mandy Aftel and myself, getting closer to building a linden blossom fragrance. This time, I feel it becomes obvious how we,  in all differences, come to similar conclusions. It is a tricky essential oil, this Linden […]